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Curb stone machine-Kerbstone paver

Machine type  Extruding type  Slipform tyoe 
Model No. LSD-350 HMJ-1000
Power Diesel 15HP 20HP(15Kw)
Suitable material Aspalt or concrete concrete
Max curb size 350*350mm 900*400mm
Min curb size 12*10cm 12*10cm
Working speed 0~3m/min 0~5m/min
Hopper volume 0.2m³ 0.4m³
Weight  560KG 1800kg
Dimension 1.8*1.1*1.2m 2900*1400*1400mm

  • Product Detail

Curb stone machine can produce concrete kerbs for road curb,water blocking kerb or landscape curb stone.

Cast-in-situ Kerbstone paver is different from precasting curb machine.

Precasting curbs need to transport from precasting plant to working site ,then laying on the ground one by one and fix them by concrete.Need a lot of manpower.But cast-in-situ curb stone machine can paving concrete curbs on ground continuously.Only need to put concrete into hopper and vibrating the concrete .


Features of concrete curb stone machine:

  1. Working speed is fast and adjustable,2500m/8 hours.
  2. Wide applications: from 15cm~150cm all workable.Road expanding curbs, roadside blocking kerbs,decorative kerbstone,landscape curbstone,etc.
  3. On the ground or under ground all workable,because the mold part can move up and down freely by hydraulic control system.
  4. Automatic moving and turning,self moving system and steering sensor.
curb stone machine
Concrete curbstone paver

Options of Kerb stone paver:

According to the working ability,curb paver machine have 3 model numbers.

HMJ-600 max 600mm wide concrete curb.

HMJ-1000 max 900mm wide concrete kerb.HMJ-1000A has extra automatic loading system.

HMJ-2000 max 1500mm wide concrete kerbstone.

slipform curb stone paver
slipform curb stone paver

How to install the steering sensor and level sensor to curb paving machine?

  1. Setting a steel line on the groud according to your curb height and curb width.
  2. Pull or push the sensor frame to a suitable position.
  3. Connect sensor wire to electric power part, install sensor body to the frame.Make sure the steering sensor panal is face outside, the sensor needle need to connect the steel line. The leven sensor needle need to above the steel line.
  4. Check the sensor light is flashing,it’s ready to working now .
curb stone machine sensor
curb stone machine sensor

FAQ of concrete kerb machine:

  1. Production time: within 7days after received deposit.
  2. Packing:plywood case
  3. Trade terms: EXW.FOB.CIF.CFR.DDU.
  4. Payment terms: T/T or LC at sight.
  5. Warrenty: 18 months.




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