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China Ditch & Curb Paving Machine


About Us

China Concrete Canal Paver & Curb Machine Manufacturer

Henan Sinch Machinery Co.,Ltd mainly produce Canal machine and curb machine.

Water canal machine including: Concrete canal paving machine,U shaped canal paver, Square ditch liner,Trapezoidal ditch paving machine,customized canal liner machine.

By working theory, it includes:Traction type vibrating forming type and Hydraulic squeezing paving type.

Curb machine including:Asphalt curb extruder,Concrete curb machine,Road curb paver ,Slipform curb paving machine,Truck mounted curb and gutter paver machine.


Canal and ditches in road side drainage system,farmland irrigation projects.

Asphalt curbs and concrete kerbs in highway roadside water blocking,landscape curb,edge curb stone.

Our Service:

Canal and curb project solutions.

Local installation and training service.

International sea shipment,air shipment service.

FOB /CIF/EXW /DDU/DDP trade terms.

China inspection services.

Related products searching service.

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