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HMJ-1000 Concrete kerb slipform machine

Model No. HMJ-1000
Diesel power 20HP(15Kw)
Mold size B=300,U=250,H=400MM
Moving speed 1~15m/min
Paving speed 1~3.5m/min
Vibrator 2 pcs
Vibrating motor power 1.5kw*2pcs
Moving motor power 4kw
Steer sensor yes
Level sensor yes
Hopper 0.4m³
Dimesion 2900*1400*1400mm
Weight 1800kg

  • Product Detail

HMJ-1000 Concrete kerb slipform machine is 1 type of the curb machine.Different with extruding type curb machine. HMJ-1000 is slipforming type, which is using vibrators to form concrete kerbs.

Kerb machine HMJ-1000 is automatic moving. Curb size can be max in 900mm. Curb height max in 350mm.The mold part can move up and down to meet your working requests.

There are 2 sensors for you to choose: Steering sensor /Level sensor .Fix a steel line on the ground, the steering sensor controls the direction according to the line. Leval sensor controls the curb height.

concrete slipform machine
HMJ-1000 Concrete kerb slipform machine


slipform kerb machine specifications
slipform kerb machine specifications

We can customized the curb size and shape according to your requests.And each mold will be testing before delivery, to make sure it is workable and working smoothly.

Concrete kerb with steel bar inside to PERU

Concrete kerb with steel bar inside is also workable. Need to fix the steel bar on to ground firmly. Then do the slipforming work, or the rebar mesh will move.

concrete slipfom curb machine
Different sizes of concrete slipfom curb machine

Working steps of HMJ-1000 Concrete kerb machine:

  1. Move the machine to your working site. The machine can move automaticly, but the walking speed is 1km/hour. The slipform paving speed is 180~200m/hour.
  2. Install the vibrators on the machine. Put them into molding part.
  3. Install the sensors.(have to fix a steel line on the ground)
  4. Check all the wire connection is good. Fill diesel and water into diesel engine.(Engine oil,hydraulic oil,lubricating oil already filled)
  5. Start the diesel engine. Wait a few seconds till the motor is around 400~420V.
  6. Start the power in control box. Start moving motor switch and vibrating motor switch.
  7. Pouring concrete then forming curbs accordingly.



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