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Canal Machine/

Canal lining equipment-Canal paver machine price

Type: traction type
Engine power: 24Kw/380v/50hz
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Vibrating rod motor: 2.2Kw*2 pcs
Moving motor: 4kw/380v/50hz
Moving speed: 50cm~100cm/min
Concrete slump: 120~150

  • Product Detail

Canal lining equipment including slope lining or full canl lining at on time.Henan Sinch canal lining machine can paving concrete canal max in 5 meter width,max 2m height. Slope and bed molding together.

We have automatic type and traction type.Traction type canal paver machine price is cheaper.The machine can fit into normall containers,saving shipping charges.

Traction type canal lining equipment
Traction type canal lining equipment

Concrete Canal lining Machine list :

Digging bucket 1pcs
Diesel generator 1 set
Main machine 1 set
Anchor 1 pcs
Cutting device 1 pcs
Traction system 1 set
Vibrationg rod 2 pcs
Control cabinet 1 set

Working method of traction type canal paver machine:

Diesel generator provide power to vibrator ,2 vibrating rods and the moving system. Feeding concrete into hopper, then vibriting into mold,forming concrete canals continuously.In the mean time,using anchor and strings to pull the machine moving forward.

canal lining equipment
canal paving machine details

Traction type canal liner detailed picture:

Put anchor into the earth first,3 traction strings pulling the machine moving forward.

traction type canal lining machine
Traction type canal paver machine

Working show of traction type canal lining machine:

1.7m Trapezoidal canal paver machine working show.

After forming concrete lining,using trowel to polish the canal surface.

Cutting the Expansion joint by customized cutting device.(some projects has joint,some doesn’t, please proceed according to your drawings)

concrete canal slipform paver machine
1.7m concrete canal slipform paving machine

Attentions of traction type slipform canal machine:

  1. Concrete slump could be thiner than automatic moving type.As it is by vibrating slipform type, concrete slump can be 120~150mm.
  2. Working speed: working speed must be controlled carefulling according to your feeding speed and vibrating effect.
  3. Check vibrating rod:vibrating rod is the main part and a wearing part of traction canal machine.please replace it once it’s not working.
  4. Packing and delivery: Traction type machine length can be customized shorter just for easier transportation in container.If canal machine too long or too wide, need to use flat rack container,that will charge much higher than regular container.
canal machine packing
Plywood case and flact rack container




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