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LSD-250 Asphalt Kerb Machine

Model No. LSD-250
Power Diesel 15HP
Suitable material Aspalt or concrete
Max curb size 250*250mm
Min curb size 12*10cm
Working speed 2-3m/min
Hopper volume 0.2CBM
Weight 450KG
Dimension 1.7*1.1*1.2m

  • Product Detail

LSD-250 Asphalt Kerb Machine is the perfect machine for asphalt curb projects. It is extruding working method, moving by the backforce by formed curbs. No need to pull it moving forward. The handle in front of the machine just for guide working directions.

asphalt curb machine
Asphalt curb machine working in highway

There are 4 hand wheels on LSD-250 Asphalt Kerb Machine to adjusting the machine height. The most important part is the auger blades and shaft.

Aspahlt kerb paver
Aspahlt curb machine testing before delivery

Each machine will be tested before delivery to customers. We will provide 4 spare auger blades for free. In case you need urgently to replace the blades during working.

Asphalt curb laying machine
Asphalt curb laying machine details
Aspahlt kerbing machine
Aspahlt curb machine delivery




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