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Slipform Kerb Machine/Curb&Gutter paver machine/Curb Machine/

Concrete Curb&Gutter Slipform Machine

Model No: HMJ-2000
Capacity: width≤2000mm,Height≤500mm
Diesel generator: CHANGCHAI 62kw/electric start/water cooling
Working speed: 0.9m-16m/min
Forming method: vibrating rod
Vibrating power: 1.5kw*2pcs
Walking drive type All-wheel drive
Hopper volume: 1m³
Mold: customized
Dimension: 4700*2700*2500mm
Unloaded weight: 6100kg

  • Product Detail

Curb&Gutter Slipform Machine is slipforming type,using Vibrating rod and slipform mold to produce curbs or gutters .

By using steering sensor and leval sensor,it can move and turn automatically.

Concrete mixer feeding plus automatic screw feeding system saving time and saving manpower.

Each screw blade coated with anti-wear welding layer,makes the screw system more durable.

Special anti sliping self locking gearbox make sure the curb machine working in mountains or High altitude areas.

Working stable,slipforming continuously,finished concrete curbs smooth and compact.

curb and gutter machine
curb and gutter machine

Gutter and Ditch Slipform Machine
Gutter and Ditch Slipform Machine

Structure of Curb and gutter paving machine:

1.Main machine frame

2. Diesel generator

3. Mold part

4. Moving system

5. Hydraulic system

Features of Curb&gutter slipform machine:

1.Workable concrete curb or gutter : width:1.5m,max height:0.4m.

2.Truck mounted,concrete tanker feeding directly.

3.Mold size customized according to your drawing. Mold part can move up and down to produce curbs undergroud or on the ground.

Mold part can extend left and right to produce wider curb and side ditches.

4.With screw loading function, feeding faster.

5. Multipul usage: Curb,gutter,ditch both workable.

details of curb machine
details of curb machine

Applications of curb and ditch slipform paving machine:

Mainly for road side curbs or ditches under 400mm height.

Need to pay attention to Concrete mixing rate and concrete slump according to different working conditions and curb shapes.

Narrow curbs need thicker concrete, flat curbs need thiner concrete.

Slipform curb machine
Road side curb machine

gutter paving machine
Road side ditch paving machine

Terms and deliverys of slipform paver:

Production time: 15~20 days after 50% deposit.

Payment terms: 50% T/T before production,50% balance T/T before delivery.

Trade terms: EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR,DDU,etc.

Warranty: 2 years after delivery(without wearing parts

Packing: Loding into container directly.Some parts can be disassembled.

Curb&gutter slipform machine
slipfor machine loading into container

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