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Asphalt curb machine-curb extruder for sale

Model No. LSD-250 LSD-350
Power Diesel 15HP Diesel 15HP
Suitable material Aspalt or concrete Aspalt or concrete
Max curb size 250*250mm 350*350mm
Min curb size 12*10cm 12*10cm
Working speed 2-3m/min 3-5m/min
Hopper volume 0.2CBM 0.2CBM
Weight 450KG 560KG
Dimension 1.7*1.1*1.2m 1.8*1.1*1.2m

  • Product Detail

Asphalt curb machine is a kind of curb extruder.It is mainly used in road side water blocking curbs. Normally in R shaped curb. 23cm Width,12cm height. Curb extruder using auger blades to screw asphalt concrete into mold part to form a certain shape curb. In the meantime, the curb making machine move forward by the back force from finished curbs. Asphalt curb size can be customized according to your drawings.

asphalt curb machine
Asphalt curb paving machine

Henan Sinch has 2 model numbers of Asphalt curb maker:LSD-250/LSD-350. Lsd-250 need to adjust the machine height by 4 hand wheels. Lsd-350 using hydraulic power to lift the machine up and down.

curb making machine
LSD-250 LSD350 Curb extruding machine

Technical specifications of asphalt curb exturder:

Model No.LSD-250LSD-350
PowerDiesel 15HPDiesel 15HP
Suitable materialAspalt or concreteAspalt or concrete
Max curb size250*250mm350*350mm
Min curb size12*10cm12*10cm
Working speed2-3m/min3-5m/min
Hopper volume0.2CBM0.2CBM

Main part of Extruded type curbing machine:

The first screw blade can be removed from shaft,during curbing work,pay attention to the first blade wearing situation and replace it timely. Can avoide damage of shaft,saving charges.You can also add some welding points on it by yourself, to make it more durable. In asphalt working,normally 3~5km need to replace a blade.

Curb extruder machine
Curb extruder machine screw blades

Applications of asphalt curb making machine:

Highway side curbs or kerbs under the highway fence. Because it is small,easy to move and training-free operation makes it the favorite curb making machine.By changing mold, it can produce different sized curbs.

1.Move the curb paving machine to your working position.

2.Lifting 1CM of the front part and make sure the backside mold part is close to ground.

3. Feeding asphalt concrete to forming curbs continuously.

4. Check and clean.

Asphalt curbs working site
Asphalt curbing machine working site show

Excepting asphalt curbs,Curb extruder can pave cocnrete curbs.Same extruding working theory but different material. Please pay attention to your concrete mixing rate and concrete slump.

Concrete curb maker
Concrete curb maker

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