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Machine name: Ditch paving machine
Type: Hydraulic squeezing type
Engine power:  24KW options
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Feeding power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic power: 7.5kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic tank: 120L

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Automatic ditch lining machine is also called ditch liner or ditch paving machine.Refers to the machine which can paving concrete lining automatically, no need pulling by other devices. Saving manpower and saving time.

The Whole set concrete ditch lining machine including 1 digging bucket+1 ditch paving machine. Digging ducket have to be installed to a excavator(Need to know the connection part size of your excavator)

But the ditch liner machine is all welded and fixed, each machine can only produce 1 ditch size.Can not change flexible according to different size.

Automatic ditch lining machine
Automatic ditch lining machine

Automatic ditch paver machine list:

Digging bucket1pcs
Diesel generator1set
Hydraulic system1set
Moving wheels2pcs
Cutting device1 pcs
Feeding hopper1pcs
Feeding system1set
Control cabinet1set
Plywood case1pcs
Whole set ditch paver machine

Working principle of Ditch liner:

Diesel generator providing power to hydraulic pump,start hydraulic cyliner,hydraulic cyliner pushing the middle mold move forward and backward to squeeze the inside concrete into back mold,forming a certain shaped concrete ditch lining .Then the machine move forward.

Structure of ditch paving machine
Structure of ditch paving machine

Ditch lining machine projects show:

Automatic ditch lining machine projects show
Automatic ditch lining machine projects show

Main factors affect concrete lining work:

  1. Concrete slump:C15/C20/C25/C30 all workable, but have to pay attention to concrete slump.According to the working theory, concrete must be dry, concret slump about 60~90mm.
  2. Concrete mixing ratio: cement:sand:stone=1:2.5:2.5
  3. Working ground must be flat and compact.Then start digging and lining process.
  4. Pre-ditch size must be standard.Can not bigger or smaller than the drawings. Other wise, too big ditch will waste many concrete, too small size can not fit the ditch machine inside.



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