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Model No. HMJ-1000 HMJ-2000
Diesel power 20HP(15Kw) 62kw
Max size 900mm/300mm 2000mm/500mm
Moving speed 1~15m/min 1~16m/min
Paving speed 1~3.5m/min 1~6m/min
Steer sensor yes yes
Level sensor yes yes
Hopper 0.4m³ 1m³
Dimesion 2900*1400*1400mm 4700*2700*2500mm
Weight 1800kg 6100kg

  • Product Detail

Cast in situ kerb machine is different from the Pre-casting curbs.It can form concrete curb at working site, no need to tranport curbs and avoided wasting or breaking concrete curb during transport. Saving time and saving cost. High efficiancy, 2500m curb per day.

slipform kerb maker
slipform curb machine
Slipform Kerb machine
Road side curb machine
kerb machine
kerb paving machine
Model No.HMJ-1000HMJ-2000
Diesel power20HP(15Kw)62kw
Max size900mm/300mm2000mm/500mm
Moving speed1~15m/min1~16m/min
Paving speed1~3.5m/min1~6m/min
Steer sensoryesyes
Level sensoryesyes
Kerb maker

Features of cast in situ kerb machine

  1. Mold size and shape can be customized.
  2. Mold part can move up and down.
  3. Automatic moving.
  4. Anti-slip lock.
  5. Automatic turning and leveling.
  6. Strong power, can be used in High Altitude Area。
  7. With screw loading function, feeding faster.
  8. Multipul usage: Curb,ditch both workable.

Working speed:0.9m-16m/min,Electromagnetic speed regulating motor + customized eight-speed gearbox, which can steplessly adjust the speed of paving and transition in a wide range.

Walking drive type:All-wheel drive,The front and rear axles are equipped with wheel-side reducers. When the road slope is ≤5%, the full-load 15m³ tanker can be promoted to realize continuous construction with slipform machines.

Automatic steering:Manual steering wheel,Imported components, temperature compensation, overvoltage and overcurrent protection. Customized hydraulic steering drive axle (smaller turning radius, smaller position deviation of curb side ditch in curve construction, and more precise line type)

Screw feeding:High torque hydraulic motor direct connection,Large-diameter thick wear-resistant spiral blades, and imported wear-resistant coatings on the blades, longer life. Secondary mixing of concrete improves the workability of concrete.




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