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Working principle of automatic canal paver machine

Automatic canal paver machine working principle is very simple. Diesel engine start hydraulic pump. Then hydraulic system pushing the middle mold. The middle mold squeezing concrete into back mold therefore forming the concrete canals. The machine can move automatically by the backforce of hydraulic pushing.

In the working site, need to prepare moving tracks to help the machine moving forward easily.

Structure of ditch paving machine
Structure of ditch paving machine

Automatic canal paver machine mainly has 2 parts. Diesel generator and hydraulic system is the power system. 3 parts moving mold and hopper is molding system.

The molding part has different sizes and shapes. Diesel generator has 24kw or 30KW options. Moving wheels can be made in adjustable way . In order to apply multipul working situations.

automatic canal paver machine
automatic canal paver

Please start the feeding system and vibrating system first. Then feeding concrete into hopper. And do not feeding too much in case concrete blocked.



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