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Working principle of slipform curb paving machine

Working principle of slipform curb paving machine: it’s using vibrating rod to compact the concrete first.Then slipforming by curb molds.

Stronger power can make the machine more stable and more powerful.

Workers can adjust the working speed according to real situation. The moving speed from 0~5 m per/min.

If the concrete curb seems not full, slow down the curb machine.

If the concrete curb is small ,can moving faster.

Slipform curb paving machine
Slipform curb paving machine

Some concrete curbs has steel bar mesh inside, the slipform curb machine is also workabler. Just need to fix the steel mesh position first, then put the mold part cover the steel mesh. Then pouring concrete and forming is fine.In this situation you may need to vibrating the curb longer,to make sure the inside part is solid.

concrete curb machine
concrete curb machine with steel bar



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