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Differences between curb extruder and slipform curb paver?

Curb extruder and slipform curb paver both for road curb construction.

The main diferences:

  1. Working theory: Curb extruding machine using auger blades to squeezing concrete or asphalt forming curbstone.Slipform curb paver using vibrator to form concrete kerbs.
  2. Moving type: Extruding type is moving by the backforce of curb.Slipform kerb machine is automatic self moving.It has a moving power and moving system.
  3. Workable material: Curb extruding paver can produce asphalt kerb or concrete curb.Slipform machine can only produce concrete curbstone.
  4. Concrete slump:kerb extruder use lower concrete slump.kerb slipform paver use higher concrete slump.
  5. Working speed: slipform type curb machine is faster than extruder curb paver.
Curb extruder
Curb extruding machine and slipform curb paver



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