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How to use the extruding kerbing machine?

Kerbing machine working process-Extruding type:

  1. Draw a line according to your kerb size and working direction.
  2. Put kerb machine to your working site. Fill diesel fuel and water to diesel part. The other oil like : engine oil,lubricating oil,hydraulic oil already filled before delivery. Please check again before start working.
  3. Adjusting the kerb machine working height. LSD-250 use 4 hand adjusting wheels. LSD-350 usd 2 control valve to control hydraulic cylinder up and down.
asphalt curb machine
Asphalt curb machine

4.Feeding asphalt concrete or cement concrete into hopper. Need to pay attention to mixing rate of asphalt or concrete. To make sure the finished curb in good adhesion and strong enough.

5. Clean working site and cure concrete kerb. Clean the working site after kerbing. Setting the water output port if needed. For concrete curbs,might need spray water to cure or covered by plastic film.

6. Clean the machine and load into transport truck.

After finished the kerbs,please clean the asphalt or concrete thoroughly. Mainly in hopper and auger blades. To avoiding damage the blades or affect curb constructions. If the kerbing machine need to transport to another working site, please use trucks. Because the machine can not walk without working material .

Asphalt curb making machine
Asphalt curb making machine



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