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Maintenance of concrete ditch lining machine

Concrete ditch lining machine including machine mold,diesel power, hydraulic system and feeding system. After use the machine please maintain it properly.

  1. Clean the concrete thoroughly. Vibrating the concrete down to ditch or wash the concrete. Make sure there is no concrete block in hopper or between molds.
  2. Lubricate the chain regularly during working.
  3. Replace the hydraulic oil after long time no use.
  4. Keep the ditch lining machine away from rain or snow.
Ditch lining machine
Ditch lining machine working site

Frequently regular problems of concrete ditch lining machine:

  1. The initial excavation of channels is not standard:

If the channel is too narrow, the channel forming machine cannot be put in. If the channel is too wide, it will waste a lot of concrete.If the channel is too shallow or too deep ,can not paving concrete properly.

  1. The mixing material is not standard:

If the material is too dry, it is easy to feel down and difficult to shape. If the material is too wet, the side wall can not forming or stand.

  1. Uneven feeding:

If feeding too fast, the concrete ditch is not solid and smooth.

  1. The ratio is not standard:

According to the different sand and stone conditions in different places, it is necessary to adjust the correct material ratio to ensure that the feeding speed is matched with the machine’s walking speed.



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