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Canal Machine/

Water canal making machine-Small canal paving machine

Type: Hydraulic squeezing type
Engine power: 30kw/ 380v/50hz
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Feeding power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic power: 7.5kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic tank: 120L
Working pressure: 8Mpa

  • Product Detail

Concrete water canal making machine normally refers to the big canal lining machine,it can paving canal slopes . Henan Sinch canal machine focus on the small canap paving machine.

Differences between Big&Small liner machine:

  1. Big canal lining machine can paving canal slopes in 10 m 20m or even longer . Small concrete canal making machine can paving canals max 5m wide,Slope normally under 2m.
  2. Big canal liner size is flexible so it can produce different sizes slope.Small canal maker is welded so the size is fixed.
  3. Price different: Big canal liner machine is much more expensive.Suitable for bigger projects with virous size or long time use projects.
  4. Production time: small canal liner in 7 days. Big canal paver 20~30days.
  5. Installation: small canal paver has installed well before shipment,in working site,just need to add diesel and hydraulic oil.No need technicians go to your country do installations.
Small canal paving machine
Small canal paving machine

Full picture of concrete water canal making machine:

In the working site, you will need an excavator to do the loading work and digging work.A transport truck to loading cocnrete . A canal paving machine to produce concrete canal and ditches.

Other accessories like moving track, hydraulic oil diesel fuel,engine oil,etc. also shoule be prepared before canal production.

Concrete canal making machine
Concrete canal working site machinery

Concrete mixing plant for canal maker:

The regular used concrete mixing options are all workable for concrete water canal paving machine. Concrete mixing plant, compulsory mixer and normal concrete mixer. Customers can choose mixer according to your budget and working conditions.

The loading truck also has many options:concrete tank,trucks or small tricyle all workable.

No matter which concrete mixer,pay attention to the concrete slump and concrete mixing ratio.Please contact your sales manager to get the detailed informations.

concrete mixing plant
Concrete mixing options




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