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Traction canal making machine/Canal Machine/

Traction type canal making machine

Machine name: Ditch paving machine
Type: traction type
Engine power: 24Kw/380v/50hz or 30kw
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Vibrating rod motor: 2.2Kw*2 pcs
Moving motor: 4kw/380v/50hz
Moving speed: 50cm~100cm/min
Concrete slump: 120~150
Traction string: 100meters
Anchor: 1pcs
Digging bucket: 1pcs
Workers need: 4 person
Dimension: customized
Weight: customized

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Introduction :

Traction type canal making machine including a diesel generator, the whole molding part is the main machine,the digging bucket, the cutting device and the anchor.

In the main machine, there is a moving motor drives the machine moving forward and a traction motor to pull the strings. There are 2 vibrating motors drive 2 vibrating rods to feed and compact the concrete in to back mold. 2 moving wheels will assist the machine to move straightly.


Traction refers to the moving way, it is pulling by a string,which is fixed on a anchor inthe ground. (In below picture, show the steel strings and the anchor)

Steel strings and anchor


Machine name: Ditch paving machine
Type: traction type
Engine power: 24Kw/380v/50hz or 30kw
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Vibrating rod motor:2.2Kw*2 pcs
Moving motor:4kw/380v/50hz
Moving speed: 50cm~100cm/min
Concrete slump: 120~150
Traction string:100meters
Digging bucket:1pcs

Working steps of Traction type canal making machine:

  1. Compact the ground.
  2. Digging the ditch by customized digging bucket.
  3. Put the machine and moving tracks in to ditch.
  4. Strike the anchor into ground-about 50m in front of the machine .
  5. Pouring concrete into canal making machine.
  6. Forming concrete ditch continuously, using vibrators to feed concrete to mold.
  7. Cutting the joint gap if needed.
  8. Concrete curing.
traction type canal liner
traction type canal liner




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