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3.25m Farmland Canal Lining Machine

Type: Hydraulic squeezing type
Engine power: 30kw/380v/50hz
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Feeding power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic power: 7.5kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic tank: 120L
Max pressure: 20Mpa

  • Product Detail

Canal lining machine project instruction:

1.Canal size: 3.25m wide,1.85m height,concrete lining thickness:6cm

2. Application:farmland irrigation canal reinforcement

3. Working process:paving a new layer on the old concrete canal

First,put the steel mesh in to the old canal,then fix the mesh.

Second,put the concrete canal lining machine one the steel mesh

Third,paving the new concrete layer.

4. Machinery: Hydraulic type squeezing canal making machine/excavator/concrete mixer

5. Specical requests: 350cm concrete curb have to stand on top of the ground.So the concrete must be thicker.

canal lining machine drawing
3.25m farm land canal drawings
concrete canal liner
Working site of big concrete canal liner

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