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Ditch machine above ground

Machine name: Ditch machine
Type: Hydraulic squeezing type
Engine power: 24KW/380v/50hz
Vibrating power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Feeding power: 2.2Kw/380v/50hz
Hydraulic tank: 120L
Working pressure: 8Mpa
Moving speed: 50cm~100cm/min

  • Product Detail

Ditch machine above ground it a newly developed type. No need to dig trenches before concrete paving. Suitable for drainage ditch on the ground.

It includes the power parts, main molding body ,feeding motor, feeding hopper and the moving tires. The moving direction is controlled by hand.

The power adopts diesel generator power,suitable for working in wild.

ditch paving machine
ditch paving machine
canal making machine
canal making machine

This ditch machine mainly produces square type ditches. The workable size from 30*30cm to 80*80cm .Workable ditch thickness from 10cm ~40cm.Each machine has to be customized according to your drawings.

ditch making machine
ditch making machine
ditch machine
ditch machine
ditch forming machine
ditch forming machine

 Working process of on the ground ditch machine:

  1. Put ditch machine on working position.
  2. Fill diesel and hydraulic oil . Hydraulic oil quantity please check the oil window.
  3. Check the wire connection then start the machine to testing if the motor is running correctly.
  4. Restart the diesel power, turn not the feeding motor and vibrating motor,turn on the hydraulic motor.
  5. Feeding concrete into hopper,the machine will moving continuously when the concrete ditch is forming behind.
  6. Control the moving direction by the handle and moving wheels.
  7. Curing the concrete accordingly.



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